Types of Betting in Football Gambling Must Try

Types of Betting in Football Gambling Must Try – Finding various types of bets and markets that exist in online soccer gambling can indeed be found. Do you like to play soccer betting online? Of course, you must be familiar with this one, right? Basically, soccer betting is one thing that you must try as a true football lover. It is commonplace in Indonesia if you make a bet by holding the team that is playing if that team is your mainstay team. Usually you will play small bets with your friends. However, it turns out that there are many other types of bets that exist and have a larger scale and have their own bookie. Here are some types of games in online soccer gambling which we attach below.


In online soccer betting, you can choose 3 games you want to play. First, you support the Home team (the host) can win the game at that time. Second, you predict that the Guest team will win. However, if you believe the game will end with a score draw, then X is the correct choice. Usually a game like this is played in a meeting of the same strong team. You can find 1×2 bet types on various trusted online livescore nowgoal soccer gambling sites

Mix Parlay

This type of online soccer gambling game can be considered the favorite and most widely played type of bet. This is because mix parlay bets can provide a very large advantage for the players if they win the bet. The way to play the mix parlay itself is to play on several bets at once, and if you want to win this type of bet you have to win the bet as a whole. So, even if you play on 5 bets at once where 4 betting parties win and only 1 bet loses, then that bet is still considered a loss.


For odd/even bets, what you have to do is actually quite easy. You only need to guess the final result of the game will end with an even (even) or odd (even) score. For example, if you believe in the final result of the game which will end with an odd score such as 1-2, 1-0, 2-3 and many other odd score results, then you have to play in the even, if otherwise you believe the score will not end in even score then it is clear you have to bet on even score.

Over Under

Over under is a type of bet that lets you guess the overall total score with predictions from the bookie. Then the dealer then gives an estimated total score and then you have to guess what the final score of the ongoing game is whether it’s bigger/over or smaller/under than the dealer’s guess. Then after seeing all the available information, it will be easy for you to guess how many goals will be scored later.


A handicap is a bet that will be played when there are two teams that meet but look very unbalanced so the dealer will give a waiver to the disadvantaged team so that the team plays in a balanced way at least at the gambling table. It is also often referred to as “Voor”