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› free-tutorials › how-to-renderp-vid. Using Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 I show how to render p HD Video for the Internet or playback on a computer.


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In a similar tutorial to this one about Rendering p HD Video, I discussed in more depth the new changes to Movie Studio Platinum 12 and how they effect rendering. So instead of repeating the exact same thing all over again sony movie studio platinum 12 compression free this tutorial, I suggest you may like to have a quick read of How to Render p Video using Sony Movie Studio Sony movie studio platinum 12 compression free 12if you haven’t already done so.

Which means you are actually recording 30 or 25 “even” lines of video and 30 or 25 “odd” lines of video. The two Interlaced Frames of video play one after the other and create the illusion of a solid picture. Which means they create video exactly like conventional Film that you see at the cinema.

Each frame is made of a complete solid image. Basically you can set your Project Properties to match exactly what your video was shot in. However, once get sony movie studio platinum 12 compression free the rendering stage, you have to make an important descision. Interlaced video is only designed to be shown on TV screens. Sign-up for взято отсюда weekly emails! I try to keep them short, 3 min reads max.

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Hi Derek, Hope all is well. I am using Vegas Pro 14 which is slightly different. For one thing. The settings include something called pixel format. Do i use 8 bit, 32 floating bit video levels or 32 full bit full range. I suspect its 8 bit but I want to be sure. There is also something called motion blur type and resample mode.

Would appreciate your thoughts on those. I notice that some of my render videos had a blue tint on the people which did not appear in the raw footage. Obviously I need to make some adjustments. The video was shot in on a Panasonic camcorder which records in an M2ts file.

Thanks, Charles Gross. Hi Charles Leave pixel format set to 8 bit for everyday video. The 32 bit settings are true professional settings for advanced video types that pro movie makers use.

Most people set Resampling to disabled. To comment on your “blue tint”, please post a new message in the forum and then I can say more. Vegas should not be adding in blue tints. Vegas actually displays the sony movie studio platinum 12 compression free raw colour of your video.

It is most likely your Media Player that is shifting the colour – most media players add their own special filters to make the video artificially brighter and more colourful. There are some settings you can look at on your computer. Soft option to upload to на этой странице does not sony movie studio platinum 12 compression free.

Secondly, when you render the project it only renders a portion this month. A month ago it did the entire project. I wish I had the time to sue this company for my time, product not fit for its purposes violation. Hi George Instead of making a statement, ask a question next time and I can help you with your problems. YouTube keeps changing the code that operates their login function. This is why it does not work.

Since the dawn of time on читать статью website I have always advised everyone to never use this function in Movie Studio.

You DON’T need to use it anyway. This is how everyone of planet Earth uploads videos to YT. The reason why only a part of your video is rendering, is because YOU have sony movie studio platinum 12 compression free turned on “render a loop region only”.

This setting is at the bottom of the Render As window. Turn it OFF and re-render your project. Dear Derek, Thank you for your time and for all of the information and support you give!!!!!!!! I have followed your instructions on your video “How to render p video for Movie Sony movie studio platinum 12 compression free Platinum 12” and have made a short film. I can’t seem to find information on the project’s aspect ratio in my Project Properties nor in the template.

Kind regards, Courtney. There is a quick way to confirm this by using simple maths. To find out if a videos dimensions are using the aspect ratio, divide the width by height. If it equals 1.

Great tip on rendering. Changed my settings to my Catalyst graphic card and cut my rendering almost in half. What a time saver. Could you please report back as to what model card you have? If you go into the Catalyst Control Center, it should tell you the model number. Right-click Windows Desktop to access.

Regards Derek :. Can you help me? Thank you for your time. Hi Michael There is no program called “Sony Ultimate 12”. Which program do you actually mean? Hitfilm Express 2 is not made by Sony – if this is what you meant?

I have no experience with using Stop Motion Pro 8. This is the first time I have ever heard of this program. Treat any video made with this program as you would other videos. I just looked up the specs for this program and it reports that it can create sony movie studio platinum 12 compression free up to 30 frames per second. Once I know which Sony version you actually have, I can then advise further.

Also, what is the final destination for your Stop Motion video? My music starts skipping like crazy halfway through my project after I rendered it and burned it to a cc release 2018 photoshop by free adobe classroom a pearson book in why is this help please??

Hi Darek! I wanted to ask You about the “ReFrames” in the output file. Does it matter? Greetings from Poland Peter. Hi Peter This is not a setting that I would be changing and not one to worry about. It is referring to “reference frames”. The setting can be changed after you go into Render As – Customize -Video tab. This is what the official Sony Documentation says about it: “[I]Type a value in the box to specify the number of frames that will be used to find correlations between frames for performing compression.

Higher values allow the encoder to perform better compression, but require more work for the encoder and more buffering by the decoder. Some applications especially hardware devices have limited buffering capabilities and cannot decode video with a large number of reference frames. Hi Derek : Video copilot optical flares free cc 2017 free you very much for the explanation. I noticed that even if I set the value of the reference frames to 1, in the output file in the properties that value is 2 Am I doing something wrong?

So what is “two Pass” and when is it appropriate to use it? Hi Maylon Good question. You can select “Two Pass” if you wish. Two Pass basically renders the video twice to produce a higher quality video.