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Hi, Titan Analog Pro theme! Would like Black Pearl for Ixmac09 Freitag, 14 Juli Thanks, itfietz gmail. Jasron Sonntag, 06 August

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The Console from Titan Analog Pro from Titan from Logic 9 Pro Lives from Black Pearl from Mona Lisa from Logictools Neve Theme from Green Aqua FL Studio Pro Withe Pearl from Antares NEON Andromeda on request.

Blue Falcon on request. Mazzi На этой странице, 29 April Hi i would love to get the black pearl theme. I really love your work and would like to get the flat to black,vlack pearl and avid 26 themes. Speaker Samstag, 29 Januar /13665.txt, Your themes look fantastic! I would like to order the Neve Theme, but only if it works on Logic Pro Can you please answer me if this is possible.

Shellen Dienstag, 25 Januar Black Pearl Theme is beauty Adam Fietz Sonntag, 02 Januar Titan Analog Pro Would be nice to get from you. Massimo Martini Sonntag, 28 November Hi, I love your themes! If it works, it will be a pleasure to make a источник статьи. Peter Helliwell Samstag, 27 November If they do then the following May I request two themes from logic pro x skins 10.4 free Api V1.

I would logic pro x skins 10.4 free to make a donation inn return. If they don’;t work with the latest version of LPX, would you be able to tell me if you plan to update the files so they will? Many thanks Peter. Aramis Mittwoch, 10 November Silver Arrow for Kevin Donnerstag, 14 Oktober Hallo Bro can you send me free theme for logic pro x Hey can you send me the Paris Theme?

YCMCollective outlook. Ryan Goan Sonntag, 08 August Can you send me the Neon and Titan Theme logic pro x skins 10.4 free Logic Thank you Email is rrmgoan gmail. Cristian Dienstag, 08 Juni Hello can you Send me the Email: elmasvacilao gmail. Leon Sonntag, 06 Juni Hello can you Send me the Black Pearl from Dear Friend, your themes are very beautiful I wanted to know удалено microsoft access 2016 book pdf free весьма you could sell me some custom modifications, which I saw you have already done on your themes Thank you so much.

Aria Donnerstag, 10 Dezember Ab Freitag, 23 Oktober Major Sonntag, 20 September Chris geluk Dienstag, 15 September Oscar Oliveros Mittwoch, 19 August Titan /19398.txt Pro Please Thank you callepoeta hotmail. Продолжение здесь Torres Samstag, 08 August Al Wittlich Donnerstag, 30 Juli Do any logic pro x skins 10.4 free the skins work for Logic pro x skins 10.4 free Titan Analog Pro is what I would be interested in.

Thank you. Charles Johnson Montag, 22 Juni I would like Paris and Nwve themes for Logic Pro x I thank you in advance. Cleomusic10 yahoo. Jimmy Mittwoch, 10 Juni Please the Neve theme and the logic tools for logic VBabbar Samstag, 25 April /25116.txt Theme pls. E-mail id: vishwajeetbabbar gmail.

Please write to me in English only, Thankyou. Mario Castellanos Freitag, 17 April Quisiera la жмите сюда vision, funciona con logic pro x I want Blue falcon! Its so amazing Thanks for your work violle naver. Hi, I like the theme “Black Pearl from Great work and thanks for your reply. It’s so cool!! Major Sonntag, 23 Februar Souza Samstag, 21 Dezember Dink Bingham Montag, 25 November Balwant Donnerstag, 07 November Flat to Black for logic Chester Sonntag, 22 September Son Ov Samson Freitag, 06 September Logic pro x skins 10.4 free Donnerstag, 05 September Thank U xmadeinx gmail.

Joost Sonntag, 28 Juli Joe Smooth Sonntag, 14 Juli Good Work. Thanks, itfietz gmail. Jose miel Dienstag, 11 Juni Are Dienstag, 11 Juni Adam Ortiz Freitag, 07 Juni Daniel Donnerstag, 30 Mai


Creationauts – Logic Pro Colorizer.


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Balanced and reactive, the new Nova Wing feels lighter in your hands. At the heart of the Nova design is a super-stiff frame for power and efficiency, enabling instant take-offs and a massive wind range. Intuitive transitions. Comfortable ergonomic handling. For the Nova has a revised compact outline with shorter wingspan and less curve. This improves the power delivery, makes the wing easier to handle and reduces tip-strike. Improved tensioning and a deeper, more powerful profile boost low-end performance and contribute to the expanded wind range.

Power delivery is progressive throughout the size range, with smooth and steady high-end stability in the 5m and under. The new rigid handle design with comfort grip enables more intuitive hand positioning, micro-trimming and more immediate control. Whether your focus is on the flow of freeride carving, riding open ocean waves or freestyle trickery, the Nova Wing will help you make the most your local conditions. Load up. Ride longer. The new Wingboard range takes design inspiration from our high-performance SUP foil boards and Olympic class Windsurf foil boards — combining the speed and efficiency of foiling with the power of the wind.

The aim of the Wingboard Foil is to give you maximum performance in a small size while catering to your level, from beginner to expert. THE SHAPE To get started we need stability and since volume works on leverage, the further away the volume is from your feet, the more stability it creates. Stability is also created by having the feet as close to the foil as possible.

It also brings you closer to the foil for more control when up and riding. The Duotone Unit is impressive from the first flight. Light, lifty and stable, yet incredibly easy to handle and control with our new rigid handles. It is all about the stiffness.

The design goal of the new Unit was simple, we wanted to create a wing with a stable drift that can follow you effortlessly without pulling left, right, up or down when depowered on the wave. At the same time, we wanted a wing that created more lift for improved hang time in jumps and easier handling in maneuvers, all of this combined with a boom-like control and steering.

The results will blow your mind, the unit has proven to be our best performing wing to date with unrivalled flying performance. The slightly wider span of the Unit offers great luffing stability when on the wave and significantly better hang time in the jumps.

Yet the wingspan and dihedral still make it easy for less experienced riders, freeriding, cruising or rotational freestyle moves. Increased segments to the leading edge and panel layout of the Duotone Unit have allowed designer Ken Winner to finely optimize canopy tension and twist.

The new window layout has led to weight savings without compromising comfort and safety. Simulations on airflow have helped the final tweaks and attention to detail, giving the Unit such a light feel in your hands with an incredible lift through jibes and tacks and instant response when you need it! From the superior flying behavior and handling all the way to packing down and the new bag the Unit wing ticks all the boxes to be your new favorite!

The new smooth-edged winglets have been designed to be more efficient and less aggressive. Delivering an impressive early take-off and huge glide potential, the Kujira Helium is stable and intuitive to control. It is capable of maintaining altitude even at super low speed.

You will experience smooth, controlled maneuvers, consistent even as you increase your velocity. The Kujira Helium has a really natural power control that delivers a feeling of auto-stability making it extremely easy to learn new maneuvers such as jibes and tacks. Kujira Helium – Lightweight, versatile and robust – Impressive early take-off and huge glide – Stable and intuitive to control – Capable of maintaining altitude at super low speed – Smooth, controlled maneuvers, consistent even as you increase your velocity – Really natural power control – Feeling of auto-stability makes it extremely easy to learn new maneuvers.

Kujira Helium – Performance in light wind – Great power control, playful and fun – Easy progressive takeoff – Fast in the turns – Good acceleration without too much lift – Perfect for beginners and progressing – Very easy to handle and tolerant – Excellent performance in light wind, a real session saver in under 15kts conditions. Please add duotone wrist leash if required. Duotone Unit D Lab Aluula wind wing. The Duotone Laboratory uses the most cutting edge materials and design techniques, putting material and development costs aside with the sole focus on developing the ultimate product possible.

The Wing Foilboard is designed to be a high performance option with slightly more comfort and stability built in. With a fuller parallel outline, this board is super stable and the perfect platform to advance your skills and take your winging to the next level. Already into its 3rd iteration, the Cabrinha Crosswing X3 sets a new standard in efficiency and on-demand power. The wing foil profile and new radial canopy panel layout achieves the most high-performing and reactive wing to date.

Through an increased leading edge diameter with load distributing centre section construction, Cabrinha have created an exceptionally stiff framework. This is further enhanced by the Cabrinha Crosswing X3 innovative double strut.

This framework gives the rider the ultimate feeling in efficiency and performance. In the lighter winds, where pumping and efficiency is required, and also in higher winds where stability and control are greatly increased. Strategic window placements with the combination of the double strut, allow for a wide field of view. Whether you are boosting to new heights or simply relaxing into your ride, take advantage of all of the Cabrinha Crosswing X3’s new cutting edge technical attributes.

A true all round Foil board that caters for first time flyers to experienced foilers. The Take Off range proceeds the Hyperfoil with super early take off when winging and in waves, stable and manoeuvrable flying sensation and a smaller size range.

The largest size from the Take Off range has surprisingly great foiling performance. It has one of the fastest take off speeds in the range and is manoeuvrable and stable enough for most paddlers to enjoy! Fast take off, manoeuvrable, perfect for learning. Built for riders looking to up their game in wing, SUP surf foil and down winding in a super small and stable size.

Built for high performance wing boarding and Sup foiling. The new range of Fanatic Sky Wing Foil Board models grows to nine dedicated shapes and takes efficiency to another level. Ride the smallest board possible in the lightest of winds! The extra glide allowed to pull in tail and nose outline slightly to reduce catching in turns and on the wave.

The clean approach with plenty of volume under your feet allows for an uninterrupted touch-down, which helps learners and hardcore freestylers alike — you just never get stuck! The extra length and heaps of volume turns you into an addicted winger in no time!

Starboard Wingboard Hydrofoil lite tech. Join the latest innovation! The new Wingboard range takes design inspiration from our high performance SUP foil boards and Olympic class Windsurf foil boards – combining the speed and efficiency of foiling with the power of the wind.

The aim of the wingboard is to give you the maximum performance in a small size while catering to your level, from beginner to expert.

Offering high performance riding to riders up to kg. The HS can be ridden to good effect, the turning radius is surprisingly good for is high aspect ratio.

The sleek, inflected tips help prevent ventilation even if a tip breaches. For experienced wingers there is no comparison. Combine this with amazing upwind angles and outrageous downwind glide, as well as freakish light wind performance and the riding it just never stops.

We recommend the setup below, much depends on rider weight, ability and chosen foil sports. The Armstrong HA just happens to be a magic number, the surface area, section thickness and planform give this wing something very special. We had no idea that a HA wing would ever be so effective in the surf, prone or Sup!

It has mind blowing carving turns or snaps, stability at speed and phenomenal glide so linking or double dipping is easy! For the performance winger the HA just keeps on going and flowing! Crank upwind, catch a micro bump for miles or edge hard and send it, the speed this thing generates sends you up with Branson and Basos! If you need a glide for Pump or Downwinding then there will be no disappointment here, this wing has the glide of an albatross.

The original Mantis set a benchmark with regards to leading edge rigidity. This culminates in an ultra-rigid frame and refined profile. Combined with a pretensioned canopy, this gives a crisp high performing product that maintains its performance through a wider range of conditions. Refined sizing and wingspans allow for more progressive power in the small sizes.

The wingtip shape adjustment helps deflect water during start up, and also allows for deeper profiles to aid in power delivery. Leading Edge Inflatable Dihedral with a medium aspect ratio outline, rigid frame and lightweight design.

When durability and performance is paramount, the no window version of the mantis caters specifically to this with a complete canopy offering. A higher level of performance can only be achieved when the wing’s design properties are supported by a stable and reactive wing material.

Nano Ripstop does just that. Increased centre diameter to the leading edge, as well as a progressive taper provides not only improved stiffness, but also increased canopy tension.

Visit Cabrinha for more details. The logic behind Forward Geometry is all about the mast track position in relation to the center of the board. The further forward the mast can go the better, it improves maneuverability, response and dramatically reduces the rotational swing weight effect.

Without question, shorter boards offer superior maneuverability, feel and control once on the fly but getting them there is not so easy. Until now that is, as boards get shorter it becomes important to maximise stability and hull speed when still attached to the water. The new Forward Geometry shapes from Armstrong have addressed this issue with a beautiful innovative approach enabling everyone to take advantage of the benefits riding shorter boards.

The new Forward Geometry range of boards are packed full of innovation. Recessed deck… This brings you closer to the mast top for direct handling and feel.

Extended waterline profile view… Speed is the key, so we use all the boards waterline to help accelerate the board forward. Aggressive nose rocker into an accentuated double concave to flat… This is all about bringing the nose up quickly to accelerate the water down the double concave to flat bottom at the tail.

Innovative tail shape… For better acceleration, less drag at the rear waterline release area, it looks faster because it is! Stable Volume distribution… The recessed deck, wide Chisel nose and relatively rectangular outline means we can push the volume to the extremities, makes for a stable platform when on the water.