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In Control Panel, double-click iSCSI Initiator. Select the Targets tab. Select a target in the Select a target list, and then select Log On. Launch the iSCSI initiator at Control Panel > Tools. · On the iSCSI Initiator Properties page, click Discovery. · Enter the IP address of the NAS and then click.

How do I Install, configure, and use Microsoft’s iSCSI initiator? | TechRepublic.How to Configure and Connect an iSCSI Disk on Windows Server? | Windows OS Hub


No longer is shared storage a niche enjoyed by only large, wealthy corporations. Internet SCSI is leveling the playing field by making shared storage available at a reasonable cost Internet SCSI is leveling the playing field by making shared storage available at a reasonable cost to anyone. By leveraging the ubiquitous Ethernet networks prevalent in most organizations, IT staff training costs for iSCSI are very low and result in quick, seamless deployments. Before you install the iSCSI initiator on any of your servers or workstations, you must have something to which the initiator will connect.

For more information about building a SAN on the cheap, take a look at:. By doing so, you simplify troubleshooting and configuration later on. By placing storage traffic on its own network that is routed separately from the main network, you increase the overall security of your storage infrastructure and simplify the overall configuration.

Make sure to download the initiator that is designed for your operating system. Microsoft provides builds for both bit and bit Windows. In the bit category, versions are available for both xbased processors and Itanium-based processors. The installer will ask you to decide which components you would like to install. Now that you have the initiator software installed, you need to tell it where to look for mountable volumes. From the initiator, choose the Discovery tab, shown in Figure B.

On the Discovery tab, click the Add button under the Target Portals box. The default communication port for iSCSI traffic is Unless you have changed your port, leave this as is. If you have configured CHAP security or are using IPSec for communication between your client and the array, click on the Advanced button and make necessary configuration changes. The Advanced Settings dialog box is shown in Figure D. Figure E. To see the list of available targets on the array you selected, choose the Targets tab, shown in Figure F.

To connect to an available target, choose the target and click the Log On button. A window pops up Figure G with the target name and two options from which you can choose.

The two options are important. If you want your server to connect to this volume automatically when your system boots, make sure you choose the Automatically Restore This Connection When The System Boots check box.

Unless you have a good reason otherwise, you should always select this check box. To enable high availability and to boost performance, choose the Enable Multi-path check box. Make sure to understand that multi-pathing MPIO requires multiple network adapters dedicated to the iSCSI task, and for maximum availability, you should also have a fully meshed gigabit Ethernet architecture for your storage traffic.

Once you finish making decisions regarding how you want to connect to your target, from the Log On To Target window, click the OK button.

The target status in the imitator window should change to Connected. Figure H. Now, you have successfully connected to a shared target on your iSCSI array. By doing so, you make sure that Windows does not consider the iSCSI service fully started until connections are restored to all volumes on the binding list.

This is important if you have data on an iSCSI target that other services depend on. Note: With older versions of the iSCSI initiators, creating this kind of dependency structure required you to reconfigure individual service dependencies — a process that could get complicated.

If you want to choose individual targets to bind, click the Add button. When you mount a brand new iSCSI-based volume on your server, Windows treats it the same as if you had added a new hard drive to your computer.

Choose the Disk Management option. If the volume you are using is still blank — that is, newly created on your iSCSI target and does not contain data — Windows will pop up the Disk Initialization wizard, as shown in Figure J. Just as is the case with any Windows volume, you need to initialize the new drive, create a partition, and format the new volume.

Take note in Figure J that Windows truly sees this disk as just another typical volume. There is nothing on the Disk Management screen to indicate that Windows is treating this volume any differently because it is stored on an iSCSI array. These steps are designed to get you quickly on your way and will not cover every scenario, but it will get you started. TechRepublic Premium content helps you solve your toughest IT issues and jump-start your career or next project.

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A good IoT solution requires capabilities ranging from designing and delivering connected products to collecting and analyzing system data once in the field. Each IIoT use case has its own diverse set of requirements, but there are key capabilities and Account Information TechRepublic close modal. By using an iSCSI initiator, target-based volumes can be mounted on a server as if they were local volumes and are managed as such. A gigabit Ethernet network infrastructure — iSCSI requires an IP-based Ethernet network for its transport between systems with initiators servers and targets storage arrays.

Step 1: Set up your target and communications infrastructure Before you install the iSCSI initiator on any of your servers or workstations, you must have something to which the initiator will connect. Setting up and configuring your target is beyond the scope of this article. Figure A Choose your installation options.

Initiator service — This is the service behind the actual work. Step 5: Connect to the iSCSI array Now that you have the initiator software installed, you need to tell it where to look for mountable volumes.

Figure E Figure E The target portal has been added to the initiator. Figure H Figure H The target is now connected. Figure I Bound volumes are listed on this tab. Step 8: Manage the new volume s When you mount a brand new iSCSI-based volume on your server, Windows treats it the same as if you had added a new hard drive to your computer. Check out this article I found on TechRepublic. Your email has been sent.

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May 14,  · Open “iSCSI Initiator” application from the start menu. On the iSCSI Initiator main page, select “Discovery” tab and click on the “Discover Portal” to add the discovery iSCSI target server. After the “Target Portals” has been added, back to the “Target” tab to see if the “Discovered Target” is available and finally click “Connect”. Jul 30,  · Install, configure, and use Microsoft’s iSCSI initiator? Step 1: Set up your target and communications infrastructure. Before you install the iSCSI initiator on any of your Step 2: Configure your local iSCSI network adapter. One best practice is to assign either a dedicated gigabit Ethernet. This video show How to Start or Stop Microsoft i S C S I Initiator Service in Windows 10 Pro. I use Dell Inspiron 14 Series in this tutorialMissing: iscsi.


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