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Install Docker Desktop on Windows | Docker Documentation.

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Docker Desktop is an application for MacOS and Windows machines for the building and sharing of containerized applications and microservices. Docker Desktop. Docker Engine is available on a variety of Linux platforms, macOS and Windows 10 through Docker Desktop, and as a static binary installation.

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You may not use the Container Image if you do not have a corresponding version and edition of the Host License. Certain restrictions and additional terms may apply, which are described herein. If licensing terms herein conflict with Host License, then this Supplemental License shall govern with respect to the Container Image. Windows Server Container with Hyper-V isolation.

Each Hyper-V isolation instance used to host one or more Windows Server Container s is considered one virtual operating system environment. The Host License terms apply to your use of the Container Image and any Windows container s created with the Container Image which are distinct and separate from a virtual machine.

Use Rights. The Container Image may be used to create an isolated virtualized Windows operating system environment that includes at least one application that adds primary and significant functionality. Updates to the Host Software may not update the Container Image so you may re-create any Windows containers based on an updated Container Image. You may not remove this Supplemental License document file from the Container Image.

You may not enable remote access to the application s you run within your container to avoid applicable license fees. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Container Image, or attempt to do so, except and only to the extent required by third party licensing terms governing the use of certain open-source components that may be included with the software.

Additional restrictions in the Host License may apply. When running a Container Image on Client Host Software you may run any number of the Container Image instantiated as Windows containers for test or development purposes only. You may not use these Windows containers in a production environment on Client Host Software. IoT Host Software. When running a Container Image on IoT Host Software you may run any number of the Container Image instantiated as Windows containers for test or development purposes only.

Additional terms and restrictions in the Windows IoT Commercial Agreements apply to your use of Container Image in a production environment. Third Party Software. The Container Image may include third party applications that are licensed to you under this Supplemental License or under their own terms.

Even if such applications are governed by other agreements, the disclaimer, limitations on, and exclusions of damages in the Host License also apply to the extent allowed by applicable law. Open Source Components. The Container Image may contain third party copyrighted software licensed under open source licenses with source code availability obligations.

Refer to your motherboard manual to find the respective settings for your CPU. Docker is available in the Winget repository, so it can be installed by using a simple command. We will install the stable release of Docker available on Winget repositories. Soon Docker will be installed on your system. You will be presented with a configuration window in the setup process. Hyper-V is a native hypervisor for Windows 10 which can be used to create and run virtual machines.

Hyper-V is on the route to becoming the legacy option to run containers on Windows 10, as docker is planning to use WSL as its main backend to run containers. But you still need Hyper-V if you want to run Docker native Windows containers. Thus to enable Hyper-V, open the PowerShell as administrator and run the following command:. PowerShell will prompt you to restart the computer to complete Hyper-V installation, type Y and hit enter to do the same.

After rebooting the computer, you can run Docker Desktop and use containers. If you have the latest Windows 10 update, then it is recommended to use the WSL as Docker backend as it performs better than Hyper-V backend. After you have Completed the Docker Installation and restarted the system, when you run the Docker Desktop you will see an error as shown below.

Click on this link or link in the error to go to Microsoft Docs page with the latest WSL2 kernel update. The white whale in the system tray indicates that Docker is running. But you can also test your docker installation by opening the PowerShell or CMD and typing docker –version. Next, try to pull the hello-world image and run a container by running docker run hello-world command in PowerShell or CMD:.


Docker free download for windows 10.How to install Docker Toolbox on Windows:


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