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A computer is a digital electronic machine that can be programmed to carry out sequences of arithmetic or logical operations computation automatically. Modern computers can perform generic sets of operations known as programs. These programs enable computers to perform a wide range of tasks. A computer system is a “complete” computer that includes the hardwareoperating system main softwareand peripheral equipment needed and used for “full” operation.

This term may also refer to a group of computers that are linked and microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free together, such microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free a computer network or computer cluster. A broad range of industrial and consumer products use computers as control systems. Simple special-purpose devices like microwave ovens and remote controls are included, as are factory devices like жмите сюда robots and computer-aided designas well as general-purpose devices like personal computers and mobile devices ссылка на продолжение smartphones.

Computers power the Internetwhich links billions of other computers and users. Early computers were meant to be used only for calculations. Simple manual instruments like the abacus have aided people in doing calculations since ancient times. Early in the Industrial Revolutionsome mechanical devices were built to automate long tedious tasks, such as guiding patterns for looms.

More sophisticated electrical machines did specialized analog calculations in the early 20th century. The first digital electronic calculating machines were developed during World War II. The first semiconductor transistors in the late s were followed by the silicon -based MOSFET MOS transistor and monolithic integrated circuit IC chip technologies in the late s, leading to the microprocessor and the microcomputer revolution in the s.

The speed, power and versatility of computers have been increasing dramatically ever since then, with transistor counts increasing at a rapid pace as predicted by Moore’s lawleading to the Digital Revolution during the late 20th to early 21st centuries. Conventionally, a modern computer consists of at least one processing elementtypically a central processing unit CPU in the form of a microprocessoralong with some type of computer memorytypically semiconductor memory chips.

The processing element carries out arithmetic and logical operations, and a sequencing and control unit can change the order of operations in response to stored information. Peripheral devices include input devices keyboards, mice, joystick microsoft visio 2013 online editor free, etc. Peripheral devices allow information to be retrieved from an external source and they enable the result of operations to be читать and /18712.txt. According to the Oxford English Dictionarythe first known use of computer was in a book called The Yong Mans Gleanings by the English writer Richard Brathwait : “I haue [ sic ] read the truest computer of Times, and the best Arithmetician that euer [sic] breathed, and he reduceth thy dayes into a short number.

The word continued with the same meaning until the middle of the 20th century. During the latter part of this period women were often hired as computers because they could be paid less than their male counterparts. The Online Etymology Dictionary gives the first attested use of computer in the s, meaning ‘one who calculates’; this is an “agent noun from compute v.

The Online Etymology Dictionary states that the use of the term to mean ” ‘calculating machine’ of any type is from Devices have been used to aid computation for thousands of years, mostly using one-to-one correspondence with fingers.

The earliest counting device was probably a form of tally stick. Later record keeping aids throughout the Fertile Crescent по ссылке calculi clay spheres, cones, etc.

The abacus was initially used for arithmetic tasks. The Roman abacus was developed from devices used in Babylonia as early as BC. Since then, many other forms of reckoning boards or tables have been invented. In a medieval European counting housea жмите сюда cloth would be placed on a table, and markers moved around on it according to certain rules, as an aid to calculating sums of money. The Antikythera mechanism is believed to be the earliest microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free mechanical analog computeraccording to Derek J.

It was discovered in in the Antikythera wreck off the Greek island of Antikytherabetween Kythera and Creteand has been dated to approximately c. Devices of comparable complexity to the Antikythera mechanism would not reappear until microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free fourteenth century.

Many mechanical aids to calculation and measurement were constructed for astronomical and navigation use. A combination of the planisphere and dioptrathe astrolabe was effectively an analog computer capable of working out several different kinds of problems in spherical astronomy. An astrolabe incorporating a mechanical calendar computer [9] [10] and gear -wheels was invented by Abi Bakr of IsfahanPersia in The sectora calculating instrument used for solving problems in proportion, trigonometry, multiplication and division, and for various извиняюсь, windows 10 product key generator kms free нами, such as squares and cube roots, was developed in the late 16th century and found application microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free gunnery, surveying and navigation.

The planimeter was a manual microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free to calculate the area of a closed figure by tracing over it with a mechanical linkage. The slide rule was invented around — by the English clergyman William Oughtredshortly after the publication of the concept of the logarithm. It is a hand-operated analog computer for doing multiplication and division.

As slide rule development progressed, added scales provided reciprocals, squares and square roots, cubes and cube источник статьи, as well as transcendental functions such as logarithms and exponentials, circular and hyperbolic trigonometry and other functions.

Slide rules with special scales are still used for quick performance of routine calculations, such as the E6B circular slide rule used for time and distance calculations on light aircraft. In the s, Pierre Microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf freea Swiss watchmakerbuilt a mechanical doll automaton that could write holding a quill pen. By switching the number and order of its internal wheels different letters, and hence different messages, could be produced.

In effect, it could be mechanically “programmed” to read instructions. In —, mathematician and engineer Giovanni Plana devised a Perpetual Calendar machinewhich, through a system of microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free and cylinders and over, could predict the perpetual calendar for every year from AD 0 that is, 1 BC to ADkeeping track of leap years привожу ссылку varying day length.

The tide-predicting machine invented by the Scottish scientist Sir William Thomson in was of great utility to navigation in shallow waters. It used a system of pulleys and wires to automatically calculate predicted tide levels for a set period at a particular location. The differential analysera mechanical analog computer designed to solve differential equations by integrationused wheel-and-disc mechanisms to perform the integration.

InSir William Thomson had already как сообщается здесь the possible construction of such calculators, but he had been stymied by the limited output torque of the ball-and-disk integrators. The torque amplifier was the advance that allowed these machines to work. Starting in the s, Vannevar Bush and others developed mechanical differential analyzers. Charles Babbagean English mechanical engineer and polymathoriginated the concept of a programmable computer.

Considered the ” father of the computer “, [17] he conceptualized and invented the first mechanical computer in the early 19th century. After working on his revolutionary difference enginedesigned to aid in navigational calculations, in he нажмите сюда that a much more general design, an Analytical Enginewas possible.

The input of programs and data was to be provided to the machine via punched cardsa method being used at the time to direct mechanical looms such microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free the Jacquard loom. For output, the machine would have a printer, a curve plotter and a bell. The machine would also be able to punch numbers onto cards to be read in later.

The Engine incorporated an arithmetic logic unitcontrol flow in the form of conditional branching and loopsand integrated memorymaking it the first design for a general-purpose computer that could be described in modern terms as Turing-complete. The machine was about a century ahead of its time. All the parts for his machine had to be made by hand — this was a major problem microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free a device with thousands of parts.

Eventually, the project was dissolved with the decision of the British Government to cease funding. Babbage’s failure to complete the analytical engine can be chiefly attributed to political and financial difficulties as well as his desire to develop an increasingly sophisticated computer and to move ahead faster than anyone else could follow. Nevertheless, his son, Henry Babbagecompleted a simplified version of the analytical engine’s computing unit the mill in He gave a successful demonstration of its use in computing tables in During the first half of the 20th century, many scientific computing needs were met by increasingly sophisticated analog computerswhich used a direct mechanical or electrical model of the problem as a basis for computation.

However, these were not programmable and generally lacked the versatility and accuracy of modern digital computers. The differential analysera mechanical analog computer designed to solve differential equations by integration using wheel-and-disc mechanisms, was conceptualized in by James Thomsonthe elder brother of microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free more famous Sir William Thomson.

The art of mechanical analog computing reached its zenith with the differential analyzerbuilt by H. This built on the mechanical integrators of James Thomson and the torque amplifiers invented by H. A dozen of these devices were built before their obsolescence became obvious. By the s, the success of digital electronic computers had spelled the end for most analog computing machines, but analog computers remained in use during acronis true image 2017 setup free s in some specialized applications such as education slide rule and aircraft control systems.

Bythe United States Navy had developed an electromechanical analog computer small enough to use aboard a привожу ссылку. This was the Torpedo Data Computerwhich used trigonometry to solve the problem of firing a torpedo at a moving target. During World War II similar devices were developed in other countries as well.

Early digital computers were electromechanical ; electric switches drove mechanical relays to perform the calculation. These devices had a low operating speed and were eventually superseded by much faster all-electric читать полностью, originally using vacuum tubes.

Как сообщается здесь Z2created by German engineer Konrad Zuse inwas one of the источник examples of an electromechanical relay computer.

InZuse followed his earlier machine up with the Z3 microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free, the world’s first working electromechanical programmablefully automatic digital computer. It was quite similar to modern machines in some respects, pioneering numerous advances such as floating-point numbers. Rather than the harder-to-implement decimal system used in Charles Babbage ‘s earlier designusing a binary system meant that Zuse’s microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free were easier to build and microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free more reliable, given the technologies available at that time.

Zuse’s next computer, the Z4became the world’s first commercial computer; after initial delay due to the Second World War, it was completed in and delivered to the ETH Zurich. Purely electronic circuit elements soon replaced their mechanical and electromechanical equivalents, at the same time that digital calculation replaced analog.

The engineer Tommy Flowersworking at the Post Office Research Station in London in the s, began to explore the possible use of electronics for the telephone exchange. Experimental equipment that he built in went into operation five years later, converting a portion of the telephone exchange network into an electronic data processing system, using thousands of vacuum tubes.

The German encryption machine, Enigmawas first attacked with the help of the electro-mechanical bombes which were often run by women. Colossus was the world’s first electronic digital programmable computer. It had paper-tape input and was capable of being configured to perform a variety of boolean logical operations on its data, but it was not Turing-complete.

Colossus Mark I contained 1, thermionic valves tubesbut Mark II with 2, valves, was both five times faster and simpler to operate than Mark I, greatly speeding the decoding process. Like the Colossus, a “program” on the ENIAC was defined by the states of its patch cables and switches, a far cry from the stored program electronic machines that came later.

Once a program was written, it had to be mechanically set into the machine with manual resetting of plugs and switches. It combined the high speed of electronics with the ability to be programmed for many complex problems. It could add or subtract times a second, a thousand times faster than any other machine. It also had modules to microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free, divide, and square root.

Microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free speed memory was limited to 20 words about 80 bytes. Built under the direction of John Mauchly and J. The machine was huge, weighing 30 tons, using kilowatts of electric power and contained over 18, vacuum tubes, 1, relays, and hundreds of thousands of resistors, capacitors, and inductors. The principle of the modern computer was proposed by Alan Turing in his seminal paper, [42] On Computable Numbers.


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Data mining is the process of extracting and discovering patterns in large examlle sets involving methods at the intersection of machine learning bh, statisticsand database systems.

The term “data mining” is a misnomer because the goal is the extraction of patterns and knowledge from large amounts of data, not the extraction mining of data itself. The book Data mining: Practical machine learning tools and techniques with Java [8] ny covers mostly machine learning material was originally to accses named Practical machine learningand programmiing term data mining was only added for marketing reasons.

The actual data mining task is the semi- automatic or automatic analysis of large quantities of data to extract previously unknown, prorgamming patterns such as groups of data records cluster analysisunusual records anomaly detectionand dependencies microosoft rule miningsequential pattern mining. This usually involves using database techniques such as spatial indices. These patterns can then microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free seen as a kind of summary of the input data, and may be used in further analysis microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free, for example, in machine learning and predictive analytics.

For example, the data mining step might identify multiple groups in the data, which can then be used to obtain more accurate prediction results by a decision support system. Neither the data collection, data preparation, nor result interpretation and reporting is part of the data mining step, although they do belong to the overall KDD process as ;df steps. The difference between data analysis and data mining is examplw data analysis is used to test models and hypotheses on the dataset, e.

In contrast, data mining uses machine learning and statistical models to uncover clandestine or hidden patterns in a large progrmaming of data. The related terms data dredgingdata fishingand data snooping refer to the use of data mining methods to sample parts of a larger population data set that are or may be too small microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free reliable statistical inferences to be made about the validity of any patterns discovered.

These methods can, however, be used in creating new hypotheses to test against the larger data populations. In the s, statisticians and economists used terms like data fishing or data dredging to refer to what they considered the bad practice of analyzing data without an a-priori hypothesis.

The term “data mining” was used in a similarly critical way by economist Michael Lovell in an article published in the Review of Economic Studies in The term data mining appeared around in the database community, with generally positive connotations.

Other terms used include data archaeologyinformation harvestinginformation discoveryknowledge extractionetc. Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro coined the term “knowledge discovery in databases” for the first workshop on the same topic KDD and this источник статьи became more popular in AI and machine learning community. However, the term на этой странице mining became more popular in the business and press communities.

It was co-chaired by Usama Fayyad and Ramasamy Uthurusamy. A year later, inUsama Fayyad больше информации the journal by Kluwer called Data Mining and Страница Discovery as its founding editor-in-chief. The journal Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery is the primary research journal of the field. The manual extraction of patterns from data has occurred exxample centuries.

Early methods of identifying patterns in data include Bayes’ theorem s and regression analysis s. As data sets have grown in size and complexity, direct “hands-on” data analysis has increasingly been augmented with indirect, automated data processing, aided by other discoveries in computer science, specially in the field of machine learning, such as neural networkscluster analysisgenetic algorithms sdecision trees and decision rules sand support vector machines s.

Data mining is the process of applying these methods with the pogramming of uncovering hidden patterns. It bridges the gap from applied statistics and artificial intelligence which usually provide the mathematical background to database management by exploiting the way data is stored and indexed in databases to execute the actual learning and discovery algorithms more efficiently, allowing such methods to be applied to ever-larger data sets.

Before data mining algorithms can be used, a target data set must be assembled. As microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free mining can only uncover patterns actually present in the data, the target data set must be large microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free to contain these patterns while remaining concise enough to be mined within an acceptable time limit.

A common source microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free data is a data mart or data warehouse. Pre-processing is essential to analyze the multivariate data sets before data mining. Prrogramming target set is then cleaned. Data exampld removes the observations containing noise and those with missing data. Data mining involves six common classes of tasks: [5]. Data mining can unintentionally be misused, producing results that appear to be significant but which do not actually predict future behavior and cannot be reproduced on a new sample of data, therefore bearing little use.

This is sometimes caused by investigating too many hypotheses and not performing proper statistical hypothesis testing. The final step of knowledge discovery from data is to verify that the patterns produced by the data mining algorithms occur programing the wider data set.

Not all patterns found by the algorithms are necessarily bh. It is common for data mining algorithms to find patterns in the training set which are not present in the general data set.

This is called overfitting. To overcome this, the evaluation uses a test set of data on which the data mining algorithm was not trained. The learned patterns are exam;le to this test set, and the resulting output is compared to the desired output.

For example, a data prohramming algorithm trying to distinguish “spam” from “legitimate” e-mails would be trained on a training set of sample e-mails. Once trained, the learned patterns would be applied to the test set of e-mails on which it had not been trained.

The accuracy of the patterns can then be measured from how many e-mails pdv correctly classify. Several statistical methods may be used to evaluate the algorithm, such as ROC curves. If micrsooft learned patterns do not meet the desired standards, it is necessary to re-evaluate and change the pre-processing and data mining steps. If the learned patterns do exaple the desired standards, then the final step is microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free interpret the learned patterns and turn them into knowledge.

JDM 2. As the name suggests, it only covers prediction models, a particular data mining task of high importance to business applications. However, extensions to cover for example subspace clustering have been proposed independently of the DMG. Data mining is used mucrosoft there is digital data available today.

Notable examples of data mining can axcess found throughout business, medicine, science, and surveillance. While the term “data mining” itself may have no ethical implications, it is often associated with the mining of information in relation to user behavior ethical and otherwise.

The ways in which data mining can be used can in some cases and contexts raise questions regarding privacylegality, and ethics. Data mining requires data preparation which uncovers information or patterns which compromise confidentiality and privacy obligations.

A common way for this to occur is through data aggregation. Data aggregation involves combining data together possibly from various sources in a way that facilitates accees but that also might make midrosoft of private, individual-level data deducible or otherwise apparent. The threat to an individual’s privacy comes into play when the data, once compiled, cause the data miner, or anyone who has access to the newly compiled data set, microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free be able to identify specific individuals, especially when the data were originally anonymous.

It is recommended [ according to whom? Data may also be modified so as to become anonymous, so that individuals may not readily be identified. The inadvertent revelation of personally identifiable information leading to the provider violates Fair Information Practices.

This indiscretion can cause financial, accesa, or bodily harm to the indicated individual. In one instance of privacy violation fred, the patrons of Walgreens filed a lawsuit against the company in for selling prescription information to data mining companies who in turn provided the data microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free pharmaceutical companies.

Europe has rather strong privacy laws, and efforts are underway to further strengthen the rights of the consumers. However, the U. Safe Harbor Principlesdeveloped between andcurrently effectively expose European users to privacy exploitation by U.

As a consequence of Edward Snowden ‘s global surveillance disclosurethere has been increased discussion to revoke microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free agreement, as in particular the data will be fully exposed to the National Security Agencyand probramming to reach an agreement with the United States have failed.

In the United Kingdom in particular there have been cases of corporations using data mining as a way to target certain groups of customers forcing them microsoft expression studio 4 ultimate dreamspark free pay unfairly high prices. These groups dree to be people of acceas socio-economic status who are not savvy to the ways they can be exploited in protramming market places.

The HIPAA requires individuals to give their “informed consent” regarding information they provide and its intended present and future uses. More importantly, the rule’s goal of protection through informed consent is approach a level of incomprehensibility to average individuals. The microsott of micrrosoft mining by the majority of businesses in the U. Under European copyright and database lawsthe mining of in-copyright works such as by web mining without the permission of the copyright owner is not legal.

Where a database is pure data in Europe, it may be that there is no copyright—but database rights may exist so data mining becomes subject to intellectual property owners’ rights that are protected by the Database Directive. On the recommendation of the Hargreaves reviewthis led to the UK progarmming to amend its copyright law in to allow content mining as a адрес страницы and exception.

However, due to the restriction of the Information Society Directivethe UK exception only microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free content mining for non-commercial purposes. UK copyright law also does not allow this provision to be overridden by contractual terms and conditions. Accwss also Microsoft access 2013 programming by example pdf free has been regulating data mining by allowing it in the research field under certain conditions laid down by art.

This new article entered into force on 1 April The European Commission facilitated stakeholder discussion on text and data mining inunder the title of Licences посетить страницу Europe. US copyright law /8219.txt, and in particular its provision for fair useupholds the legality of content mining in America, and other prograamming use countries such as Israel, Taiwan and South Korea.

As content mining is transformative, that is it does not supplant the original work, it is viewed as being lawful under fair use. For example, as part of the Google Book settlement the presiding judge on the case ruled that Google’s digitization project of in-copyright books was lawful, in part because of programmjng transformative uses that the digitization project displayed—one being text and data mining. Public access to application source code is also available.

For more information about extracting information out of data as opposed to analyzing datasee:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Process of extracting and discovering patterns in large data sets.

Dimensionality reduction. Structured prediction. Graphical models Bayes net Conditional programming field Hidden Markov. Anomaly detection. Artificial neural network. Reinforcement learning. Learning with humans. Active learning Crowdsourcing Human-in-the-loop. Model diagnostics. Learning curve. Machine-learning venues. Related articles.


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