EASY STEPS TO CHOOSE THE LOTTERY NUMBER THAT WILL WIN – Do you really want to know why you don’t win in the lottery? Are you really sure you want the answer? Winning the lottery all comes down to picking the winning numbers and if you don’t follow the 5 essential steps I outline in this article you are costing yourself millions. Ok I know you are ready to stop reading but before you do just think about what if there is a slim chance that I am right. And if that’s the case, doesn’t it make sense to read the article to the end just to see it?

Okay you are still reading so here are the 5 essential steps to pick winning lottery numbers.

Step 1 Decide what games you will play exclusively.
Step 2 Commit to yourself to only play the game for at least 4 months.
Step 3 Determine the budget you want to invest.
Step 4 Most importantly commit to a proven system
Step 5 be patient and hope to win.
Wow now does that sound simple? Of course, but are you going to do it? Oh, I know you have your own way of doing things and that’s great, but what if following these 5 steps could give you an extra 100,000 to 300,000 in winnings over the next 6 months, would you follow the 5 steps to the letter?

I hope you do, but I know how you can be sure they will succeed? Alright, let’s go through the 5 steps one by one and see if it really makes sense to try something new. Is that fair enough?

Okay so the first step says to decide which games you are going to play exclusively. The key term here is exclusive. If you’re like me, I’d be playing two or maybe three different lottery games at the same time. Now in general there is nothing wrong with this strategy, but doing nothing wrong and winning are two completely different things. I want to win; So when I found out by not stopping my pattern it was costing me not to win, I quit. Would you take a leap of faith and give it a try?


In the second step, back in the first step you will play one game for at least four months only. I know 4 months seems like a long time. But if you can make a cool 100,000 I’m sure you’ll agree it’s worth the time.

Now step 3 and step 4 are the most important so pay attention. Step 3 requires you to create an investment budget that you will set aside for this experiment. It’s not that hard but the said operation in step 3 is an investment. Be sure to set aside an amount that you won’t deviate from that’s what real investors do.

Ok step 4 here is where all the money is so if you don’t do this step it makes no sense to follow up with another one. Step 4 requires you to commit to a system. You must follow a proven and proven system that works at least 6 out of 10 times. If your system doesn’t do that, choose something else but find one that guarantees a minimum of 6.