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Adobe acrobat xi pro versus standard free. Adobe Acrobat Standard vs Pro: A Detailed Comparison 2022

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Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Adobe Acrobat.Adobe Acrobat DC vs Acrobat XI? Check the Detailed Comparison

Compare versions of Adobe Acrobat, including Acrobat DC, Acrobat XI and Acrobat , and discover the value of an Adobe Acrobat subscription. Acrobat Pro includes everything in Acrobat Standard plus additional PDF features and a wide variety of e-signature tools. With Acrobat Pro, you can compare PDFs.


Adobe acrobat xi pro versus standard free.Adobe Acrobat and VBA – An Introduction


The pdf file contains Contract Name. I want the file to print every time it finds a new contract name. It is usually 1 contract per page, but some contract may have up to 3 pages could be more but that is what I found so far. How can i do this? I have adobe acrobat and ms office Any help is appreciated. In case of error release the objects and exit. If Err. GetPageNumWords i — 1. Call JSO. Close True. My goal is to enter data into empty fillable fields in a PDF document. I was hoping that if the code exported the fillable field data than I could reverse engineer the code to import data.

I wonder if this is a security feature of the , a limitation of the code that I used, or perhaps a complete limitation of the library? After writing this it looks like one test I could do is to use a PDF that has no security features and see if fillable field data is accessible. Close End With. App in below code?

You will have to get in touch with the makers of NitroPro to find out what the corresponding call is. Is there a later version? Got to get a little deeper into it to figure out exactly what it is. There are two reasons why that may not be the case anymore: Bugs in your own software that did not show up in Acrobat XI , and bugs in Acobat DC. If you can confirm that e. So your code is of great interest to me.

What I am trying to achieve is based on your example but a bit more complex. Not sure if the difficulty is as easy. The other feature I would need is: — The ability to browse to a desired folder — Then combine all pdf files with in the desired folder — Then name the newly combined pdf — Then save the newly combined pdf in the same desired folder. Based upon your example this would be possible. Is it possible and can you give me some advice or even assistance with creating such a macro?

Jordan, Most of what you want to do can be done in VBA e. Here is how I would approach this:. In You rVBA e. Word or Excel macro , create a function that puts up a file selection dialog that allows the user to select a folder. Once you have the folder, iterate over all files in that folder and collect the PDF files in e. Once that is done, open the first file that you found in Acrobat using IAC.

Once done, save the newly created with with the desired filename in the folder that was selected. If you need my professional help with this, please feel free to get in touch with me via email. Your code has helped me greatly and for that I thank you.

However, the. It works fine if I substitute a local path. Is this something that can be done? I was wondering if you can shed some light on the pageNum property.

I am trying to extract text from a specific page in a. I wanted to omit the use of AcroAVDoc object because I want to run this extraction on multiple documents in the background. Any help on why I am getting this Ru Time Error will be greatly appreciated. Ekaterina, numPage returns or sets the page that is currently being displayed in the Acrobat viewer.

But, if you are not displaying the PDF file, there is no need to use pageNum. Hi everyone! Is there a way to copy the content of a PDF file e. My modification allows one to pass in an array of. There are 13 individual. Recently, I started getting failures on a combined document for one airplane.

In addition, I had no failures when I stepped through the code, one line at a time, using the F8 key. I tried adding a few DoEvents statements, but that did not help. The error was traced to this line of code, usually occurring after the 7th or 8th.

For those who are using late binding e. We have installed Acrobat Adobe Pro 11 on Development server. Project works fine and able to generate merged PDF files. But on the test server we not allowed to install Acrobat Adobe Pro 11 and Project should be deployed as Setup. MSI by referencing only required Dlls. Because of that on test server merge pdf are failed to create with Active X error.

Lakshmi, you cannot use Adobe Acrobat on a server — there are technical reasons, but more importantly, it is not licensed for server use. This means that you will have to look for a solution that does not require Adobe Acrobat. There are a number of options available, I would probably use something based on the free PDFBox library. Thanks for your feedback. Net application? If so, can you send URL link. Bhaevesh, I would use the full JavaScript syntax instead of the simple calculation script.

This is the reason I would like to be able to just assign the values to the fields on the PDF form. Your email address will not be published. If the information you found on my site helped you to solve a problem, please consider to hire me for your next PDF related project.

Skip to content. There is always more than one way… There are two ways your program can interact with Acrobat. Bookmark the permalink. July 12, at am. Hi, I am using Vista x64 and Office I get an errror in this part of the code: If Part1Document. Jens says:. July 15, at pm. July 16, at pm. Vishy says:. July 31, at am. I don;t find acrobat in references. I only find Acrobat Type library.

August 3, at pm. Mike says:. August 10, at pm. I have tried to use the above code in an office macro, with Adobe 8 with no success. MeAndI says:. September 23, at am. November 7, at pm. November 11, at am. December 4, at pm. December 6, at am. Gautier thomas says:. December 22, at pm. Norman Dolph says:.

February 4, at pm. Greg says:. February 12, at am. Nagarjuna Reddy says:. February 28, at pm. Carlos Alberto says:. March 9, at pm. Roger says:. July 1, at pm. Tom Wickerath says:. December 10, at am. Brenda says:. April 1, at am. Samet says:. July 3, at pm. July 19, at pm. December 18, at pm. Thanks, Prat. Steve says:. January 9, at pm. Wayne Gunn says:. January 13, at pm.

Is it possible to do this? Version 9 Thanks. Larry says:. April 3, at pm. Karl Heinz Kremer says:. Shiva Prasad says:. April 4, at am. Hi, I have a problem with pdf file which is sometimes text running outside the set margins. Can someone please write code for me? Regards, Shiva. April 6, at pm. Niek says:. April 11, at am. Hello Karl Heinz, First of all, thanks for this post.

Best regards, Niek. April 11, at pm. Hi, Thanks for the reply! Dash says:. July 24, at pm. Will says:. August 14, at pm. Thanks for any advice. Will, you can certainly do it this way. Karl, Thanks for the quick reply. Thanks for your time. Phan Thong says:. October 16, at am. I am greatly appreciate your help. Thanks, Thong. October 20, at am. Himanshu says:. February 23, at am. Mark Curtis says:. April 8, at pm. Thanks, Mark.

Danny Focquaert says:. April 19, at pm. App” End If AcroApp. Miguel says:. June 4, at pm. June 9, at pm. Laura says:. June 15, at am. Tjis is one of the only posts I have found useful! Thank you! Nevermind, I figured it out…just read a little bit closer :. Thank you for this awesome post! Victor says:. July 6, at pm. July 7, at pm. Michele says:. July 8, at pm.

Thanks, Michele. July 11, at am. Can you suggest where is the error? Thanks in advance, Michele. Michele Monaco says:. July 13, at am. Here too I think to face a similar problem I have with the GetAnnots method. July 19, at am. Markus D. August 8, at pm. GetRotate Next i Thank you in advance and of course thanks a lot for all the other informations on your page. August 11, at am. August 11, at pm. Hello once again, Karl Heinz.

Dave Moore says:. March 15, at pm. March 20, at pm. Revathi says:. September 27, at am. September 29, at am. Scott says:. November 23, at pm. GetNumPages 2. Best wishs for you. Sarah says:. December 5, at am. Thanks in advance for any help! December 5, at pm. Chris Mauldin says:. December 6, at pm. Juan Carlos says:. March 6, at am. Alex says:. March 7, at pm. Also, I would like to have the contract name as part of the filename. March 9, at am. If AVDoc. Chris says:.

June 11, at am. Ravi says:. July 2, at am. July 6, at am. Mark says:. July 11, at pm. Hi, Thank you for this excellent article. Jordan says:. November 19, at pm. Thanks in advance, Jordan.

November 21, at am. Stuart P says:. December 13, at pm. Ekaterina Boehm says:. To use a different date, you can modify this as follows:. Magda, I would try again, making sure to follow the instructions step by step. The process works, so if you are not getting the correct results, then one of the steps was not done correctly.

This is amazing. Thank you for the excellent instructions. I saved it to my desktop when I was done. Closed everything. Opened my desktop, copied the Dynamic. But the second time it worked like a charm. All online tutorials are solely about newly setting up stamps, not adjusting existing ones. Saskia, dynamic stamps work the same way on Windows and on the Mac. Unless you are using e. I am creating a stamp and would like to have the user input the date.

I would use a regular expression to test if the string is a valid date. You may want to took at a good JavaScript tutorial to learn about regular expressions in JavaScript this is not specific to Acrobat, any JavaScript implementation supports regular expressions. Hi Karl, I would like to check who created the original stamp, as in which computer or login name in the company made the stamp comment.

The login name is a bit better than the user name because it cannot be changed, but the only true way to verify who modified a document is by using a digital signature. You can sign a document after you place a stamp, and this will allow any other user to verify that the document was indeed signed by whoever claims to have signed it.

See the Javascript API documentation for more information. I am trying to create a stamp that prints a number that is incremented with each stamp I place within the same document.

I have tryed to use persistent global data. But actually I want to be able to copy the pdf to a different PC the still be able to increment the number from the last saved stamp. I also had a look into the DataObjects. The problem with this is, that it is saved in the stamp pdf file?! This will work as long as you are using Adobe Acrobat to stamp the document.

The free Adobe Reader cannot create custom meta data fields. A data object in the stamped document would also work, but is a lot more work. Suppose I have a text field on a stamp that has to be updated by a popup dialog that has a combobox who has for example 3 or more options where you can choose of and a blank field for free text.

How can i do this? Frans, you need to create a custom dialog. Nothing in it of a combobox. I do this for a living, and even I struggle with the complexity of it on a regular basis.

Which one will work in your case depend on where exactly that name appears. I can not find where it was answered. Paul, are you referring to the stamps that come with Acrobat e. If so, then no, there is no way to change the color without actually editing the stamp in an application like Adobe Illustrator.

My question is, once the stamp is placed on a document and the document is saved — if I delete the original stamp and try to place it again, I am no longer prompted for the fields — the old stamp simply comes on with the original fields that were filled out — anyway around this? Thanks so much for your help. Once I renamed the internal stamp to start with a , everything functions as expected. I created a duplicate dynamic stamp using your instructions, but it stamps a full page of white with the stamp a little thing right in the middle.

What am i doing wrong? Evan, I looked at the file you sent, and the stamp in question is different from the other stamps: The whole page including the white space around the actual stamp is an image. You will need to either crop the page down to just the stamp, or recreate the stamp using tools that will not convert the stamp you are editing to an image. Hi, is there any way to flatten the stamp I add immediately upon place it in a document. In order not to be able to delete or copy it in the future.

I mean to flatten the stamp without using any additional free tools for flattening the page — just the stamp to be flattened upon placed. Yes I have already checked this, but I have not figured out how to implement the code correctly in the stamp in order the stamp to be flattened when is placed in a document. I have the below simple part of code into a dynamic stamp, which shows the date that the stamp placed and I want upon placed to flatten the document:.

Which works in the dynamic. When I try to click anywhere on the stamp, nothing happens. I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro. Krista, that very likely means that our stamp does not contain letters because it is either an image, or a vector drawing.

In that case, you would have to do a lot more work in e. Photoshop or Illustrator to modify the stamp. What do we do? I open a PDF file on a folder. That can be multiple folders. Questions like filenumber, company, …. Then I have a code javascript to copy the file in the folder with a filename the user filled in or choose from the stamp.

Example the user has a dropbox with multiple company names. I open the file test. I put the stamp. How can I do that? It took me a while to find the tool commands in Acrobat Pro DC but google helped with that. Hi Karl, I simply want to remove the time from the received stamp, and leave everything else the same. Is there a way I can do that without duplicating the stamp and editing the duplicate to fit what I need?

Thanks in advance for your help! Debb, I would still duplicate the stamp, just in case you make a mistake, and you want to go back to the original. You can open the stamp file in Adobe Acrobat and then select to edit a form.

This will show you the form fields on the different stamps. Go to the page with the Received stamp, and edit the form field. You can replace the whole script with this line:. I created my Dynamic stamp from instructions above. Now when I go into Dynamic stamps it is showing the original std 5 dynamic stamps as 1st 5-stamps. It also has those same 5 below with my newly created stamps in the order I had created them. Is there a way to just show the newly created ones in the proper location?

Todd, you can remove template pages from the stamp files. Once removed, they will no longer show up as stamps. I am not sure; however, is there a way to make a simple dynamic date stamp in the free adobe reader? Thank you for your very informative page here. Sarah, page templates still work the same way, just the user interface has changed. So anything you were able to do in e. What did I do wrong? I have modified a stamp but it comes up as a whole page instead of just the stamp, can you assist please?

Dee, Acrobat crops the whitespace around the stamp and then uses the remaining element as stamp. If there is other stuff on your page besides the stamp, then you have to remove that first. This could be for example a page background. If Acrobat is not picking the right elements, you may have to manually crop the page down to just the stamp.

That is a flag that tells Acrobat to run the calculation script every time the stamp is placed. Your email address will not be published. If the information you found on my site helped you to solve a problem, please consider to hire me for your next PDF related project.

Skip to content. To get the location of the application level stamps, we would use the following JavaScript command in the JavaScript console: app.

Bookmark the permalink. November 12, at pm. Karl Heinz Kremer says:. Waqas Khan says:. November 13, at pm. Thanks in advance.. Laura M says:. December 3, at pm.

Can you please elaborate. December 4, at pm. Cherise says:. January 10, at am. Hi Laura M. Can you please share the solution with me? Ewan says:. February 4, at pm. February 5, at am.

What I would like to achieve is only worth doing if this is possible. February 5, at pm. Billy says:. February 13, at pm. Leah Ford says:. February 17, at pm. Earl Thompson says:. March 12, at pm. David S. March 13, at pm.

Can you create a custom dynamic stamp in Acrobat Pro and then use it in Adobe Reader? If so how do I get the custom stamp in Reader? Thanks in advance!! Laurie says:. March 31, at pm. Anita Maudhoo says:. Hi I have a custom stamp in Adobe pro that I created that I need to add to a each page of a large document. Benjamin says:. April 17, at am. Scott says:. May 17, at pm. May 19, at pm. Scott, you can automate a stamp so that it places itself on multiple pages, but that involves a good bit of JavaScript and is a bit too much for a discussion in this forum.

Tracey says:. June 15, at pm. Sue Partin says:. June 16, at pm. Existing code is: event. Ann says:. July 2, at pm. Jan Keussink says:.

July 13, at am. My Problem: a I try to safe a file with a new filename as part of a dynamic stamp, I set up the trusted function and got it to save the file and not the stamp file, but it files the file without the stamp on it. The code on the dynamic stamp dialog box is: if event. DocRev; event. July 13, at pm. July 15, at am. Wayne Mars says:. July 15, at pm. Stacy says:. July 30, at pm. August 4, at pm. Melinda says:. August 11, at pm. August 12, at pm.

I tried using the console to get the name, and get this for every stamp I try it with this. Melinda — you need to select a stamp before this. AP gives you valid output. August 21, at pm. Hi, I read the book about positioning stamps, but it makes my head spin …. August 24, at am. Tony Taylor says:. September 10, at am. Thank you for your help. Thank you sir, I will do so. Bill Stump says:. September 21, at pm. Rose Smithson says:. September 26, at pm.

Thanks, Rose. Tyler says:. November 20, at pm. Karl, If that response was directed at me, what internal stamp name are you referring to? November 23, at pm.

November 24, at am. November 24, at pm. Alvaro says:. November 25, at pm. Thanks in advance. December 1, at pm. Suresh Babu says:. January 17, at am. January 17, at pm.

January 25, at am. January 26, at pm. Jacques says:. January 27, at am. January 28, at am. Jacques, unfortunately, this still does not explain what you want to do. Ahsan says:. February 3, at pm. Joslyn Pollock says:. March 1, at pm. Crh says:.

March 15, at pm. D’Ann says:. March 29, at pm. March 30, at am. Shoe says:. April 5, at am. April 6, at am. Oh, I see! Thanks so much for the information and quick response. I really appreciate it! Magda says:. April 12, at pm. Patrick says:. May 31, at am.

Hi there, not sure if this has been answered already. May 31, at pm.